Here are a few awesome facts you should really know about online dating BEFORE you refuse to try!


One third of married couples in the U.S- Met Online.

1 out of 4 couples- Met Online.

50 per cent of couples will meet online within 20 years.

When beginning to talk about meeting your significant other online, you get puzzled and wonder a few things.

A. This is extremely dangerous- where is my pepper spray?

You are totally right. I’ve seen Catfish and that shit is scary!!! Think of meeting up with a complete stranger you’ve spoken to for 2 hours or 2 years- The person could still be a creep! That’s why you need to come prepared. Yes, bring your pepper spray. But the most important tip I could give all you ladies and gents out there, (1) get there with your own ride. Take your bike, your car, the bus or a taxi for all I care, but avoid getting into the car with them automatically. That could be extremely frightening and only God knows who this stranger could be!!!! Of course this isn’t enough- but its a good first call my friends. (2) Meet in a public place for the first few couple of times. Meeting at a bar is really nice, or a restaurant. (I won’t say movie cause I’m totally against first dates in a movie! Don’t you wanna get to know this person before you sit awkwardly for 2-3 hours in front of a screen in pitch darkness and share popcorn???) Once you’re in a public place- it’s totally cool to sit down and talk without freaking out. It’ll make you feel comfortable and if your blind date has a problem with it? He/She is probably a NO NO.

B. What will my friends think of me?

Let’s start with this. It depends who your friends are. If your friends are stuck up ass holes that already have a partner that they didn’t meet online- They’ll laugh at you. So pick your friends wisely! A good friend will be behind you and strictly concerned with point A (Above). A true friend will tell you “I wanna hear how it goes!” or “Oh my God that’s so exciting! Can I see a picture?” or “Did you already stalk his Facebook?” Point of the shpeel is- If you have good friends, there is no reason anyone should make fun of you and fact of the matter is? It’s not that bad to tell your friends you met at a bar or something. It’s okay to make something up until 2030! (When more than half of couples will be meeting online)

Think of it like Gay marriage- Have you ever seen those really old couples at the Gay pride parade in NYC? They stand there with a sign that says “We’ve been together for 40 years!”  Think of that for a second, that means they were dating in 1974. You think Nixon would have agreed to same sex marriage? NO! They probably said- we’ll wait 20 years for this to become cool and then we’ll start telling people;)

C. What is wrong with me and why can’t I meet someone regularly?

Here is the beautiful thing about this point- “The regular thing” today, has become meeting online. Don’t think that you’re different for meeting online. Today, it’s completely natural. And once you even convince your single friends to do it, it’ll become even more acceptable! This brings me to my next question. Why do people choose to meet online?

1. They are able to cut out the people that don’t meet their standards/criteria 

Every person if you want to admit it or not – have a criteria. One guy could want his future wife to have a job, like dogs, and be able to play chess on a Saturday morning. While another fella could look for a girl who has a big booty and wears a lot of pink. The beauty in today’s world, is that we have the option to pick and choose the people we want to be with. We aren’t forced to marry because we are cousins, family friends, or for economic reasons. We marry because we find mutual interests, have a connection, and truly hold an important friendship. This idea- is incredible.

2. They are shy 

A lot of guys can’t start talking to girls at a club, bar, or restaurant. The other day I was sitting down and having coffee with a friend at my University, and some psychology student approached us and asked us to fill out a survey for his class. He was shaking, stuttered on his words, and I barely understood what in Gods name the guy was trying to say. But I realized the man grew some serious huevos to come and talk to me! And it wasn’t even to hit on me!!!! There was obviously a slight chance I would reject his offer, but he didn’t have to tell me how nice my hair was! I can only imagine how difficult it is for guys to start a conversation with a girl at a bar, especially if he finds her attractive. This is why I have come to a conclusion from my own experiences, that at least 40% of guys that use dating apps, have done this because they are shy and feel a little more “Internet Confident.”

3. Don’t have time to go out and meet 

In today’s world, this is true. A lot of people don’t have much time to go out and spend most of their lives in front of their computers or phones. Depending where you live and what you do, if you’re a student, working, etc., you might not have much time to go out in the evenings to meet new people. Internet dating is a great solution for this!

4. Looking to get laid. 

I must admit this simple fact. A lot of men use these apps, to get laid. WATCH OUT FOR THESE MEN PLEASE!!!!! Don’t be that girl, unless that’s what your looking for, which in that case all I can say is go for it! You can usually tell this is what they are looking for is they are rushing to meet you (on the first day you start talking for example…). That is usually the best sign. But use your lady intuitions on this one. You can tell if a guy is a player and let him wait a little till you give in. A guy who just wants to get laid won’t last too long my friends.

Moral of this all is – You have nothing to loose if you try. I’ve met people that have been doing it for 5 years and people that have been doing it for 2 weeks. But they all went on dates, had a good or bad time, but lost nothing from trying. And trust me when I say, It’s possible, It happens, It’s natural, and It’s worth trying! Good Luck Single People! Go find the one 🙂

And obviously we must cite:


How is a man you hook up with different then the man you marry?

During your immature years between the ages of 13 (Depending where you grew up of course) – 25 (Depending how immature you stay this can vary for men usually until they are 31), you manage to date many different human beings. You may not like most of them, actually you will probably hate most of them. But they are all mistakes worth making my friends. However ladies, when you go out with a fella, and fellas, when you go out with a lady- you can tell if this will be just another hook up, or a serious relationship. This is obviously also based on what you actually want, but most importantly- if there is a true connection, as much as you wanna keep playing the field, you’ll want this person to be your one and only.

1. The man you marry, will meet your parents, grandparents, and those embarrassing aunts and uncles. The man you hook up? Try not to take him home cause your parents will probably kick your ass out of the house.

2. The man you hook up with doesn’t check your phone. He doesn’t care if you’re fucking other guys! The man you marry will check your phone, email, whatsapps, snapchats (HAHA HE CAN’T!) and every other possible way of communicating with the outside world. This isn’t because he doesn’t trust you- it’s cause he wants to make sure that there are no guys he needs to fuck up for hitting on you. 

3. You usually only talk to your friends about the guys you hook up with. However, with the man you marry you can take for hours about absolutely nothing and it’s still an amazing conversation

4. The guy you hook up with drives you nuts! The man you marry drives you wild 🙂 

5. The man you marry doesn’t know about the men you hooked up with in the past. The men you hook up with know about them all… via Facebook. 

6. The man you marry knows all your friends! (What they do, where they live) The man you hook up with ends up being in your friends group (yeah, awkward. KEEP AWAY FROM HOOK UPS IN FRIENDS GROUP!) 

7. The man you marry takes you out on dates, dinner, whatever the two of you really want to do. The men you hook up with only see you at parties, or get you drunk.

8. The man you marry loves your flaws. The man you hook up with is totally unaware of those flaws.

9. The man you hook up with wont let a picture of you two get on Facebook, the man you marry takes the pictures and uploads them onto his own Facebook before you do.

10. The man you hook up, you’re dying to get home quickly to have the sex and go to sleep cause you’re feeling really tiered. The man you marry, you’re dying to get him home, but in order to have that moment after sex. 

11. The man you marry gives you a thoughtful gift on your birthday. The men you hook up with only care about your cake. (All pun is completely intended my friends)

12. The man you marry will ask to meet up in order to apologize and you’ll feel that he is truly sorry. The man you hook up will text you saying “I’m Sorry”

13. The man you marry will text you every morning saying Good Morning, the man you hook up will only call to make sure you took your pill. 

14. The man you marry will ask if you got dinner to take you out if not. The man you hook up with will ask if you had dinner to come over after. 

15. The man you marry will call you before 11 pm. 

16. The man you marry would rather not know how many men you’ve slept with, and if he asks its either cause he wants to know you’re clean or cause he wants a simple number to stop thinking about it. The man you hook up might ask you the first time you meet just to see how easy you really are. 

17. The man you marry acts like Bob the Damn Builder sometimes and fixes anything you ask of him. The man you hook up with- yeah, you probably shouldn’t ask or else he’ll leave.

18. The man you marry will sleep right next to you when it’s that time of month (He’s dying to have sex with you lady!) The man you hook up with will tell you to call you in 5 days. 

19. The man you marry cares what time you get out of work cause he can’t wait to see you, and no he doesn’t care if its at 1 am. The man you hook up with wants to know when you get out of work to know if he should tell you “I guess ill see you tomorrow then babe”

20. Most importantly, the man you marry has no problem telling you he loves you, misses you and needs you. The guy you hook up with has no idea what the hell he wants in life and just needs his fix for the night. Learn the difference and don’t fall for the ass holes.