A Child Doesn’t Choose

A child doesn’t choose the shoes he will wear to school tomorrow morning
A child doesn’t choose what snack his mom will pack him
A child doesn’t choose if he will or will not go to swimming lessons today
A child doesn’t choose his mother or father
He doesn’t choose if his mother will be a lawyer, and his father will be a fire fighter
A child doesn’t choose the color of the home he lives in
He doesn’t choose the TV that his parents bought
A child doesn’t choose his government or the way they react to certain casualties

According to the OCHA, United Nations occupied Palestinian territory

“According to preliminary data, at least 168 Palestinians have been killed since 7 July. 80% of the fatalities (133) have been civilians, of whom 21% (36) are children”

80% of deaths in Gaza have been civilians… 80% of deaths have been innocent human beings that simply had no where to run.
There is a difference between fighting the war on terror, and killing innocent human beings.
In Israel, life continued normally. Over the weekend, I spent my time at the beach. Every day of this operation I went to work, completed my exams at university, and knew that if there was ever a siren, I had somewhere to go. I have a bomb shelter that my government built for me because they were prepared for this day and because they are concerned for the well being of their citizens. And every night I would speak to my friend in Gaza, and he would tell me that today they killed his friends family, and today there was no electricity for a few hours. Today he didn’t get to go to classes, his brother didn’t get to go to preschool and swimming lessons, his father didn’t get to go to work meaning his salary will be lower this month, and his mother was crying at home worried if the next rocket will fall on their home. Their government didn’t build them bomb shelters like my government did for me. Their government isn’t as concerned about their well being as mine is for me.

I do not deny that the IDF doesn’t do everything in its power to kill only terrorists, but with a population of over 1,700,000- it is extremely difficult to hit one home and not hit the 7 next to it.

However, instead of a peace agreement, the Israeli governments continues to protect it’s citizens with the Iron Dome and bomb shelters, while those in Gaza have neither.

80% of the deaths were civilians… One was a child who wanted to live tomorrow morning, go to school, maybe he wanted peace, maybe he dreamt of joining the government one day and signing a peace treaty with Israel.
That child could have been my little brother, who didn’t choose to be born Israeli or Jewish, didn’t choose what his mother and father would do for a living, didn’t choose to be born in Israel, didn’t choose to have a bomb shelter 100 meters away from him.
That child in Gaza didn’t choose the color of his home, didn’t choose his mother or father, where he lives, his religion, the school he goes to, didn’t choose his government. Didn’t choose the shoes he will wear tomorrow, didn’t choose what snack his mom will pack him. He didn’t have a bomb shelter to run to in Rafah, and didn’t make it to today.


5 thoughts on “A Child Doesn’t Choose

  1. I wish there was a way to fight Hamas that would avoid 100% of the civilian casualties 😦 I wish that all those other nations who pretend to care would actually be willing to do more for the people of Gaza then just condemn the tragic results like sending an international force into Gaza. I wish the people of Gaza and Israel could live free from fear.

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