Rayhaneh Jabbari – the girl who has been sentenced to death because she killed the man that attempted to rape her


Rayhaneh Jabbari was sentenced to death in Iran for stabbing a man in self defense after he attempted to rape her in 2007. Yes, since 2007 this girl has been sitting in jail waiting for the day when they call her out and kill her.
Rayhaneh is an interior designer who sat in a cafe one day, had a conversation over the phone that was work related, when a man approached her and asked if she would meet him in his office to discuss a remodeling project. She agreed. When she arrived, he offered her a juice which contained ‘roofie’ (a date rape drug) – not made up, this is based on a forensics test done by the police.
I don’t think I need to go into much detail- she ended up stabbing the man to death and has been sitting in prison ever since. The man was an employee of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS)- which is why many believe she will never get out of this alive.

A petition made for her release holds the signatures of over 126,000 people from around the world (that doesn’t sound like it’s enough to me)- you also can’t blame the people of Iran considering social media is against shari’ah law and the government restricts their usage.

I’ve been following this girls’ story for a while now, but I’m fully aware of the fact that not many people know about her, like most of the things that go on in Iran. Her lawyer even published her story in a blog a few years ago- but still; no go.

An Iranian government run website wrote that she must be executed unless she receives consent from the man’s family.

On September 30th, 2014- her mother spoke with her daughter for the last time. Her execution since then has been postponed.

My heart goes out to this girl, her family, friends and loved ones.

Fox News interviewed her mother – the interview can be found here


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