Making Peace in the Middle East

I spend a large portion of my life trying to build peace in the region. I talk with different people from the area, Skype with strangers from different countries, and always looking for new ways to spread my message. Below you can see the blogs about my work:)


10. We Have No Choice. This is the Only Way.

9. Not A Single Thing Could Make Me Leave…

תמונה 21

8. How Can An IDF Soldier Wear A Palestinian Flag?


7. Why I, A Zionist, and a Lover of Israel Vote Meretz.


6. “I’m offended by the cartoon of my prophet!”


5. They Are Allowed To Love, We Are Not.


4. We all want peace


3. Let’s Stop Promoting Hate

2. A Child Doesn’t Choose

1. Have We Lost Hope?


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