We all want peace


Stop acting like I’m not on your side, because I’m on everyones side. That’s because- we are all on the same side. We all want peace. We all want our children to grow up in a country where they feel safe. Where we know they will go to school in the morning and come back in the afternoon. We all want perfect leaders. We all want justice. We all want peace…

I’m a Zionist- I believe in Israel just like everyone else. But when something happens, any form of terror occurs in this country, all my friends don’t see me as one of them. I suddenly become the person to attack, the person to ridicule, the ‘naive’ human who believes in peace. “This is peace?” “This is a peaceful way to end the conflict?” “Did they enter the synagogue to speak about the conflict peacefully?”
As if I am not one of them. As if I did not serve the IDF. As if I am not a Jew…

I recognize another side. I recognize someone else’s pain, no matter who it is. Because there is no other side- we are all one side. We all want peace.

Because I want peace, I’m treated differently? Because I want my children to grow up peacefully one day in this country, I’m treated differently? Why? Because I voted for a different political party than you? Because I don’t believe violence is the answer? Because I believe the only way to peace is through communication? Because I want peace?
When did wanting peace become such a terrible thing? When did wanting peace become a reason for me not to be considered ‘patriotic’ or ‘Zionist.’

My Palestinian friend, Zeynep, wrote to me this morning the moment she heard the terrible news… Apologizing…
“I’m a Palestinian and I don’t stand against zionism. I know that Jewish people deserve a land to feel safe after the bloody history they had for hundreds of years. I’m a Palestinian who feels deeply sad about the people who had to flee from their homes or got stuck in Gaza side. I’m so sad to see the sides ignoring each other’s pain and causing extra pains!”
And then she said “Imagine that I announce this in public!”

That’s exactly how I feel… I can’t make a single Facebook post that says ‘peace’ because it’ll come with 50 new Facebook messages and 100 new comments which i’ll have to answer one by one.
If I can recognize her pain, and she can recognize mine, why can’t we all recognize each others pain? After all, we all want the same thing, we all want peace.


Acting President of Ukraine Turchynov, and the new prime minister Yatsenyuk announced a decree stating that all the peoples of Ukraine should speak Ukrainian, whoever is to talk in Russian – shot.

How would you feel if someone told you to speak a different language or else you will be shot?

I’m asking for 10 minutes of your time! Please read this!!!!

Over the past few days, I have been in contact with a Pen Pal from Crimea. I began to get mixed ideas and thoughts from the news, so I decided to find a friend from the area who could explain it to me in the best way possible and to actually hear what the people REALLY want, and not what the news wants me to think that they want.

My pen pal has been telling me all about his situation in Crimea, how he is living, what it is like to wake up in Crimea and go to sleep as he is living in fear. Half the stories he tells me, and what he and his friends actually want, I have never even heard of before. I personally read the news about six times a day and from multiple sources. However when the story came from my friend, it was told differently. I would like to share his story with everyone.

Educate yourselves, educate others, and share this post! Imagine if this was happening in your country, and the media was telling you something else… Please click the link below to read my friends story. I have asked him to write it down in a letter format so that I can post it in my blog and share it with my peers. Please take a few minutes to read and share. My heart goes out to the people of Crimea.


Here is what my friend has to tell you:

“From time, Crimea belonged to the Russian Empire. Then came to power Nikita Khrushchev, he wanted to modernize the USSR including Crimea. But one day, when his colleagues and friends had drank vodka, he decided to give the Crimea (just take and give as a gift for his birthday) Ukraine. Idea is the same, if now you take Australia and give China (No referendum, no meetings, no agreement of the people).

Well, at the time, called “stagnation”, people do not have the right to vote or to hold a meeting – it was punished for shooting without litigation.
When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, Crimea was the territory of Ukraine. First President – Leonid Kravchuk began to lead corruption cases in 1992. Afterwards came to power Kuchma. So, the first big meeting that has already entered the history was in 2004. The so-called “Orange Revolution.” Half of the people in Ukraine want to become head of government Yushchenko, others – Yanukovych. In Kiev on Independence Square gathered over 10,000 people. As a result, Yushchenko became president.
In 2003, business in Ukraine grew up in the mountain, and the Crimea did not even think about connecting the Russian Federation. But after Yushchenko came to power, the country skyrocketed prices for utilities, for rent, slept prices incentives, etc. People still put up with it. Then he came to power, Yanukovych . From this moment and went across to all the people of Ukraine. For real estate prices soared 40% higher during the year, the price of utilities, etc. 10%. Particularly unlucky entrepreneurs. But people have suffered all this. There was no division, Western Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Crimea was always an autonomous republic with a parliamentary form of government.
So, in 2013, October. When the EU proposed the adoption of Ukraine in their union. It was all still a closely guarded secret from everyone. Nobody knew about this offer. And so, in late October, early November, some Ukrainian feed published on the site that Ukraine is going to join the EU . In the blink of an eye at the Independence Square (or as it is now called Evromaydan) , thousands of people gathered at first civilians . Western Ukraine would like the EU, East and South – did not want to! Let me explain why! (In Western Ukraine mostly poor live. There no large enterprises and factories were closed. There’s only agricultural industry. People get a month to 2,000 UAH ( $ 200-400 ) . Half of the people of Western Ukraine left for Italy, Germany, France – ie in Europe. Certainly there is much better earnings than they have in Western Ukraine. and living conditions , and communication conditions and everything else. Southeast part of Ukraine were well off, and had everything. (Granted, some inequality, but it is from government depends, right?) So when we were talking about Ukraine’s accession to the European Union on Independence formed three groups: the right-Bank Ukraine , Left-bank Ukraine and Crimea . Crimea and eastern Ukraine were categorically (emphasize strongly) against the EU. West side – were for the EU.
And yet why we were against. Well Europe – a new level. If we compare Europe and Ukraine – two different territories. Despite the fact that they are on the same continent. If you are in Europe for plastic bins for butylo and food separately, we have not enough that they are thrown out once a month, so even a single container for all. Terrible stench worth around five hundred meters from the dumpsters. The second reason is the economy as the Crimea and Ukraine. (Western Ukraine did not realize it)!! If the EU would be signed, then all large enterprise, including supermarkets and shopping malls and everything else – all been closed. And plants would re-register on Europe. In Crimea would make rehabilitation centers for European officials and so on. And finally the last, very important reason, Europe needs the territory of Ukraine for nuclear weapons. Because Ukraine is closest to Russia, and in which case, that everything went without problem to the rocket did not fly across the world, they want to make an atomic base here. Here are three basic reasons that well, cannot make the agreement with the EU was signed!
Now back to the Maidan. Because of this whole situation with the EU, and the corruption situation people have decided to defend their rights. In the beginning everything was fine. People were just standing with placards and shouting, who for the EU, who for the extension of the agreement with Russia.
There was one person (I do not remember his name), who began to gather people in western Ukraine for power attack against those who are against the EU. Paying money for it (day – 200 UAH). They were mostly unemployed people or homeless people, alcoholics. Then came the second man, who began to gather people from the East and South, paying UAH 400 per night. As a result, Evromaydane formed a skirmish between the South-East-West. As a result, the Civil War began. Real civil war. Deans of universities (in all cities), were sent to Kiev, and said something like “If you do not go to Maidan and do not get to defend your opinion, then do not get credit, and departure from the University.”
After some time, the situation calmed down. Came to power a completely new government (but it’s so stupid that fucked up), and it calmed down maidan. Acting President of Ukraine Turchynov, and the new prime minister Yatsenyuk announced a decree stating that all the peoples of Ukraine should speak Ukrainian, whoever is to talk in Russian – shot.  And then formed a “club” called “Right sector.” This Nazis. They killed just burned and so on (ordinary people and high-ranking officials).
In Crimea, all speak in Russian. (Namely indigenous Crimeans). The first major congregation in Crimea took place in Sevastopol. 52,000 people. People stood with Russian flags and shouting all sorts of rhymes, divisions, and so on. What are they for Russia. As a result, turnout were held in other cities of the Crimea. Learned of this “Right sector”, and began to threaten us, Crimeans that they will come and kill all (They can, here on their side Tatars, which 300,000 people living in Crimea against Russia and they do not like Crimeans!). When Russia learned that the Russian people are going infringement, she began to speak that will help us humanitarian relief and financial
On the border with the Crimea stopped the wagon, which was 800 kg. explosives, who drove “Right sector” for the destruction of the Crimea. After that Russian troops began to defend us, capturing the military part of the Crimea, which helped “right sectors.” Capture and goes so far.
Now, the whole world: the U.S., Europe, Asia against Russia and say that Crimea should remain part of Ukraine, but damn they do not immediately live!! Russia unite with the Crimea in order for people to live in safe. Crimea yesterday signed a document (proclamation), which states that the Crimea is no longer the territory of Ukraine and in which case, Russia will join us to himself. Ukraine recognizes today Crimean government illegitimate! Although they are illegitimate there! Of course, most of the Crimean want to be a part of Russia! Only reluctantly Tatars, and those who came long ago from Western Ukraine to live here do not. Now all the people waiting for a referendum to be held on March 16 (four days), and I am more than confident that the way most people will vote for Russian Crimeans and then “Goodbye Ukraine.”
Western and central Ukraine now do not want separation integrity, of course, you know why? because all of the major, high-“citizens” in the Crimea their cottages, motels! Did you know that for vacationers people only 60% of beaches are available? And the other for any generals, ministers and so on. But what to say, have you ever seen what our conditions? our roads? No? I do not advise! We run as if the village. Of course it is asphalt, but the conditions of course …! Secretly tell you that the Yalta highway (112 km), already do three, three years! They made only 17 km! Is this normal?
Another fact, if we do (God forbid, I will pray for that), stay in the Ukraine, we are not able to go to university. to work in Kiev, Lviv and other major cities, because the infringement will instantly Crimeans. It’s like you know, in the 90s in the U.S. fought “white” “black” – but I like Eminem “white of blacks” – a joke of course, but still!
Now you understand? What is not clear – ask!”