If the #YulinDogMeatFestival pisses you off… you should read this.

I have no intention in turning the world vegan. I don’t expect you to become a vegan after this blog… but I realize that many people find the Yulin Meat Festival in China ‘inhumane,’ ‘gross,’ ‘unbelievable.’ If you agree with this sentence… keep reading. If you think that the slaughtering of dogs in China is totally cool and rational, this isn’t the blog for you 🙂

People who seem to find it so ‘inhumane’ that there is a culture in the world that boils, skins, burns, and beats dogs alive for dinner and have a huge festival around it, forget that we humans  do the same to our dinner. More than 8.8 billion of the 9 billion animals slaughtered in the US are chicken, and they are boiled alive. Sounds inhumane right? How about the huge blenders male chickens are put in to simply because they are males? (I won’t share with you the pictures cause I’m kind of nice.. If your stomach can take it watch here.) Have you ever seen when the workers at the slaughterhouse electrically shock cows, sheep, pigs…? What about the fact that we rape a cow to impregnate her, turn her into a mother but take her baby away from her as soon as they are born and turn them into steak, while the mother continues to get hormones shot up her butt and she produces for ‘us’ milk that was intended for her baby. Does that sound humane to someone? So why do we continue to do it? Why do we think that killing dogs and eating them is any different than cows or chickens or pigs? Why has everyone who takes part in the meat and dairy industry by eating their products think they should suddenly be signing petitions and fighting against this ‘inhumane’ act in China? It’s kind of simple… We were taught from a young age that dogs and cats or rabbits and hamsters are pets- but cows, fish, chickens, pigs, ducks, lobsters and so many other animals are food. Just as the people who conduct the Yulin Meat Festival think that the slaughtering of dogs is considered normal because to them- that’s food. And who are we to judge someone else’s culture? If you allow yourself to eat cows and chickens, you should feel no pain when hearing that in China dogs are being boiled alive… they are all the same.

And now I’ll have a bunch of people saying “Dogs and Cows aren’t the same!! Dogs are smarter!!” – If you feel this way, time to do your research. Comparing dogs and cows is like comparing Caucasians and African Americans, or Jews and Nazis. In Nazi Germany, their ideology was similar to ours. Jews deserve to die because they are disgusting creatures (not even considered human beings), and Germans were brilliant human beings who needed to continue living happily ever after. The Germans were considered superior just like the dogs are. The dogs are Germans, and cows are Jews. We need to slaughter all the cows and keep alive all the dogs, because they are smart and beautiful and keep us safe. Just as Nazi Germany wasn’t humane, and just as slavery wasn’t humane, neither is the exclusivity we have built with animals. Saying this one deserves to live and the other does not makes absolutely no sense. At this point, if you think Jews deserve to die and African Americans need to be slaves, stop reading, this isn’t the blog for you.


On the top left hand corner, you can see dogs at the festival being boiled alive, and on the right to it a picture of chicks being shredded alive.

On the bottom left hand corner, you can see the cats at the festival hanging waiting for people to come purchase them for lunch, and on the right to it a picture of cows hanging waiting to be purchased for lunch.

Fact is, if you find the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, disgusting, inhumane, ridiculous, gross, all of the above, one of the above – you shouldn’t be eating any animal. They all feel pain, they all feel love. Just as we humans feel the same emotions and live the same life regardless if we are black, white, hispanic, gay, trans, bi, Jews, Christian, Muslim- dogs, cows, fish, cats, chickens, pigs and the rest of the animals want to live the same life, breathe the same air, love, smile, and enjoy this earth with us, together.

If you have more questions about veganism -please feel free to contact me:)